Omaha Attorney Jerome Okolo

Before he made his way to Omaha, Attorney Jerome Okolo spent time in other areas. He chose occupations where he gained not just work experience and education but perspective. He understands better than others the value in learning from experience.

Omaha Attorney Jerome Okolo is unique in that he has seen the way businesses operate from various angles. He has worked as a systems programmer and in labor relations and the transportation industry.


Omaha Attorney Jerome Okolo earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Nigeria. He worked in Nigeria for a few years before he moved to Omaha and the University of Nebraska.

Nebraska Attorney Jerome Okolo earned his Master’s of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska before he went on to earn his law degree at the Creighton University School of Law. During the time between, Attorney Jerome Okolo used the opportunity to gain experience which helped him attain the skills and knowledge to understand businesses and their special needs.

Fields of Practice

Omaha Attorney Jerome Okolo has chosen to practice in fields which take advantage of skills he has refined. When he was employed in the travel industry, he routinely handled contracts and other civil issues.

As someone interested in entrepreneurship,Civil Attorney Jerome Okolo helps businesses with the essential duties when starting or ending businesses. He can help with contracts, and with other tasks like getting permits and employment numbers. He can help both businesses and individuals with lawsuits and other civil litigation.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, Jerome Okolo provides assistance to those who have been injured so that they can be compensated fairly, providing personal service for personal injuries. Most of the work is civil, and he also uses negotiation and litigation skills. When acting as a Workers Compensation Attorney, Jerome Okolo practices patience and gets through red tape for employees throughout the state of Nebraska.

A Personal Attorney

The goal at The Okolo Law Group is to solve problems for clients while providing attentive and prompt customer service. Even when carrying a large workload, Attorney Jerome Okolo is known for remaining calm and professional.

Omaha Attorney Jerome Okolo wants to help people who aren’t getting what they deserve. If you need help, call The Okolo Law Group today for a free consultation.